Our colony

Principal investigator

Jürgen Liebig

Associate Professor
Dr. rer. nat, 1998, University of Würzburg

Research staff

Kevin L. Haight

M.S., 2006, Florida State University


Graduate students

Jessie Ebie

Ph.D. candidate
M.S., 2012, University of Cincinnati

Tyler Murdock

Ph.D. student

Ben Pyenson

Ph.D. student
M.S., 2012, McGill, Canada

Undergraduate students


Yocha DeChavez


Jenny Graves

Former lab members (PhD students and Postdocs)


Clint Penick (PhD Student)

Received the 2013 Eickwort Student Award from the North American Section of the IUSSI
Currently postdoc in Rob Dunn's lab at North Caroline State

Adrian Smith (PhD Student)

Head, Evolutionary Biology & Behavior Research Lab
Nature Research Center
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Assistant Research Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
North Carolina State University

Dani Moore (PhD Student)

Currently professional tutor and bike advocate

Majid Ghaninia (Postdoc)

Currently postdoc in the lab of Brian Smith at Arizona State University

Kaustubh Gokhale (Postdoc)

Currently postdoc in the lab of Neil Tsutsui at Berkeley

Brittany Enzmann (Postdoc)

Dorit Eliyahu (Postdoc)

Currently postdoc at University of Arizona

Navdeep Mutti (Postdoc)

Currently Research Scientist at DuPont Agricultural Biotechnology